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AG Insurance - Soudal Quick-Step is pleased to announce the partnership with CORE. In addition to the collaboration with the men's team Soudal Quick-Step, they will now also support our women's team.

CORE the leading company in thermoregulation for sports performance. With their innovative technology, the company helps athletes optimize their performance while managing their core body temperature. With their expertise and high level equipment, they make a significant contribution to improving the sports performance of our riders.

Traditionally coaches and athletes have relied on invasive rectal thermometers or ingested e-pills to provide accurate core body temperature data. The CORE sensor is an affordable and reusable alternative that clips onto the heart rate monitor strap and provides highly accurate, real-time, 24/7 measurements. Not only can cyclists rely on precise data and be better prepared for races, the comfortable and affordable CORE sensor makes vital data accessible for all.

Martijn Kusters, our coach at AG Insurance – Soudal Quick – Step, talked about this partnership.

“We are very delighted with the CORE collaboration. With this sensor on the heart rate strap we get an insight into the core body temperature. In this way we can better understand the reaction of our riders’ body when they train and race in different conditions (e.g. heat).

In recent weeks we have introduced the riders to the CORE sensor during the classics. We mainly used this period to better understand each rider’s thermoregulation with the core body temperature data and analysis. We are interested in using the core body temperature data during the preparation for the Grand Tours (e.g. heat training) and how we can manage our rider’s core body temperature during the stages (e.g. cooling).

It’s fantastic and instructive to be in close contact with Chris Blomfield-Brown and his team, who help us with their expertise and all our questions.”

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