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AG Insurance - Soudal Quick-Step Cycling Team looks forward to the new partnership that has been established with 6d Sports Nutrition. For the next two cycling seasons, 6d Sports Nutrition will provide our women's team with scientifically tested and quality nutritional supplements which we aim to maximise their performance.

Together with our riders, we are confident that 6d Sports Nutrition's products will contribute greatly to the team's performance. 6d Sports Nutrition's wide range plays a major role both before, during and after the riders' races/training.

As a brand, we are integrally enthusiastic about our wide and growing range, it fits perfectly with the vision of our project. Besides training, nutrition ranks high in cycling. In addition, we rely on science for the ideal composition of our products. With the combination of training and the right sports nutrition, we want to ensure that riders can optimise their performance.

Moreover, the AG Insurance - Soudal Quick-Step Cycling Team and the riders constantly provide us with feedback related to our products. Through this close cooperation, we continue to fine-tune our products in order to maximise the performance of the riders and our customers.

It is thanks to 6d Sports Nutrition's scientifically tested products that athletes have the capabilities to get the most out of themselves during their training/competition sessions.


Natascha den Ouden

"We are very pleased to extend our partnership with 6d Sports Nutrition. 6d Sports Nutrition's product line fits seamlessly with the vision of our project. Products with scientific approach that grow with the development of our riders are super important for supporting our top riders. The cooperation and information of new products runs super smoothly in consultation with our trainers and riders in which a personal approach is very important. I am super grateful for a partner of this level because nutrition is key in the performance and development of talent and top riders."


Martijn Kusters

"For us as a team, it is great that the collaboration has been extended. For AG Insurance - Soudal Quick-Step cycling team, nutrition ranks alongside training where we know that 6d Sports Nutrition's products contain the right ingredients and at the same time the right amounts to support peak performance. Both riders and staff members can work carefree with the products. They taste great and there is a wide range to choose from. They contain an 'informed sport' label, an extra guarantee that no banned substances are present in the products. Personally, I particularly like the scientific approach in the development of the products. This combined with a pleasant, practical user experience and personal consultation with the 6d Sports Nutrition team."


Andy Baert (CEO 6d Sports Nutrition)

"As CEO of 6d Sports Nutrition, I am looking forward to working with the AG Insurance - Soudal Quick-Step Cycling Team. Women's cycling is a growing sport that has received a boost in terms of popularity. We are very excited to be part of it. Together with the AG Insurance - Soudal Quick-Step Cycling Team, we are convinced that we will make great strides so that diversity in cycling can also increase.The cooperation is early days, but we are convinced that we will travel a beautiful road together in the future. Within the team, we get a lot of support from the staff and the riders of AG Insurance - Soudal Quick-Step Cycling Team. It's nice to hear that the products in our range make a positive contribution to the performance of the riders. We hope to achieve more great goals together in the future. Our target audience looks up to the team's performance and it motivates them to give their best every training session or race and take a professional approach to nutrition. The wide range of 6d Sports Nutrition plays a major role both before, during and after the riders' races."